How to survive your next first kiss (in 7 sexy steps)

What's inside the box? A friend card! Don't keep the passion too close to your polo.Most of the time we’re too drunk nervous to enjoy our first kiss. This is the case for Juliette in my new book, Finding Mr. Brightside, who struggles with her tendency to vacuum the romance out of the room whenever the timing seems sexy enough for a lip lock — e.g., skinny dipping in the Atlantic. If only she’d had the below first-kiss tips, she might’ve jumped in (face first) a lot sooner. Live, learn, make out.


Take 6 cold showers to become 20% tougher

Freezing raindrops keep falling on my headI was 1 of approximately 4.2 people watching an episode of The Numbers Game the other day when the dorky host said it only takes 6 showers to become 20-something-percent physically tougher.  Immediately, my brain was like, “You could do that easily, Jay … NOT!” See how that ****head talks to me? Determined to prove it wrong, I grabbed a towel, headed for my newly remodeled master bath, and proceeded to ruin the experience of having had it remodeled in the first place.

6 cheap decorating ideas to make your house less embarrassing

Can't put a price on $25 worth of fresh oxygen ... oops.
1. Refresh your moldy shower curtain.
Skip that $10k bathroom remodel and head to Target for a $10 shower curtain instead. Yes, you’ll still be stuck stepping into the same dank standard tub with golden shower head (no pun intended) every morning, but it’ll give your occasional houseguest something to admire while he/she makes your toilet gross.