6 cheap decorating ideas to make your house less embarrassing

Can't put a price on $25 worth of fresh oxygen ... oops.
1. Refresh your moldy shower curtain.
Skip that $10k bathroom remodel and head to Target for a $10 shower curtain instead. Yes, you’ll still be stuck stepping into the same dank standard tub with golden shower head (no pun intended) every morning, but it’ll give your occasional houseguest something to admire while he/she makes your toilet gross.


9 tips for the next time you’re pulled over for speeding

Don't put your hands up ... he's going to shoot, anyway. A mixture of radar and douche-like particles.
Did your mother ever tell you not to speed? Mine did, especially on holiday weekends (more time for warnings). I listened. But according to the officer who pulled me over – quite possibly a rejected extra from 22 Jump Street – I was (allegedly) going 13 miles over on US Highway I-Should-Be-Able-To-Go-100-Because-There’s-Not-A-Car-In-Sight. Needless to say, I’m innocent.

10 reasons why Edumacation makes a great Christmas prize

10. It’s a great way to teach your wayward children a lesson they’ll never forget. Here’s how: Borrow an empty iPad Mini box from a rich friend, put The Edumacation of Jay Baker inside, and watch your child’s look of elation change to are-you-for-real? horror as they realize that it’s not a high-def touchscreen, just a measly old off-yellow book cover. Optional: Say something like, “That’s what happens when you don’t do your homework. Booyah!” Then download an app on your iPad and talk about how cool it is.

How to stop hating people in 21 days

f there’s one thing you’ve always excelled at, it’s hating people. And things. You’re doing it right now, aren’t you? It’s this introduction, isn’t it? I understand. But the tricky part about hating stuff? It’s scientifically proven to be hard work. Happiness is much easier, as well as entirely possible for you to achieve … provided you rewire your brain via the daily techniques described in Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage. In the end, you’ll be that much closer to Finding Mr. Brightside, especially if you just got distracted and clicked on that link.