People I’m hating at Starbucks right now (volume 3)

The outlet next to your table would go great with my crappy laptop battery, if only you'd leave.
Beret-wearing bathroom-hogger guy. Bonjour, I enjoy making fun of your beret as much as the next patron, but it’s harder for me to really sink my teeth into my snap judgment when you’ve been in the bathroom for twenty minutes. What are you doing in there? And why are you making it impossible for me to feel comfortable going in afterward? You are a terrible, terrible person, I just know it.

How to stop hating people in 15 minutes

Float like a butterfly, hate like a bee.My never-ending quest to force my brain to stop hating people has brought me straight to the practices of the Far East, where I’m pretty sure monks and other calm individuals sit around on mountaintops and meditate all day. I’d love to see how centered those lip-sealers would be if I unleashed, say, a gaggle of annoying long-storytellers into their hallowed personal space. Let’s make it happen!

6 bitter tips for better White Elephant gift exchange etiquette

Even this docile elephant looks disappointed in your "gift."
As the reluctant recipient of my cousin-in-law’s loser gift during a recent White Elephant Christmas Exchange, I feel even more like a victim these days than usual. I must say, it’s nice to be back in my comfort zone! Since passive-aggressive revenge against my latest nemesis isn’t possible for at least another year, it’s probably unnecessary to continue blogging about this topic … pffft, are you kidding? I didn’t get where I am today in the ongoing feud department by simply forgiving and forgetting.