A postnatal letter from Uncle Jay

Is it weird that I want to eat his cute face off?Dear, Abram:

You have a perfect face. Can you believe it? There’s finally two of us! (Confession: I was relieved that you didn’t emerge resembling a wrinkly old Benjamin Button, but I would’ve put on my game face and said how cute you were, regardless.) Not that it’s about me or anything, but your birth a week ago was one of the most intense experiences of my life. And I’m just your weird uncle. I can’t imagine how much your parents must’ve been falling in love with you at first sight.

10 reasons why Edumacation makes a great Christmas prize

10. It’s a great way to teach your wayward children a lesson they’ll never forget. Here’s how: Borrow an empty iPad Mini box from a rich friend, put The Edumacation of Jay Baker inside, and watch your child’s look of elation change to are-you-for-real? horror as they realize that it’s not a high-def touchscreen, just a measly old off-yellow book cover. Optional: Say something like, “That’s what happens when you don’t do your homework. Booyah!” Then download an app on your iPad and talk about how cool it is.

Marry-F-Kill: TV classics edition

If you haven’t played Marry-F-Kill in your lifetime yet, well, something has gone horribly wrong. Let’s make up for lost time. The rules are quite stupid simple: someone with a sick sense of humor names off three candidates, and you have to decide whom to marry, F, or kill among them. Death is not an option, don’t be annoying. The more cringe-inducing the choices, the better. Think: Creepy relatives, what-were-they-thinking? exes, last-person-on-earth types, et al. To get you started, I’ve cooked up some disturbing example scenarios using some of TV’s most beloved characters.