Which sort Of Casino — Online Or Traditional?

Back in the early nineties before casinos came online, I used to visit my local casino in the city about two or three times a week to play roulette. Now, I don’t go at all. I now play all my casino games online in the comfort of my own home.

Since the introduction of online download mega888 casinos in the mid-nineties, the growth and popularity has rocketed and will continue to grow due to the large internet population exploding market. New casinos are appearing online almost on a regular basis.

In comparison to the traditional city casinos, the online casinos have several positive aspects, so lets look at some of them:

Any time, Anywhere.

As long as you have access to a computer you can play online casino games 24hrs a day, it doesn’t matter in which you are or where you live. Cleaning soap own a portable clapboard top computer you can play any game you choose while on the move, no longer are you restricted to set hours or locations.

No need to Decorate.

The traditional casinos usually have a stuffy dress code. In other words you need to wear the correct clothing outlined by the casino, and if your not dressed to their choice then you will not be allowed in. Not so with using the online casinos, you can even play in the nude you want, or maybe you like to sit in you underwear!

The Weather’s Not an issue.

With the online casinos you don’t have to head out anywhere, just be comfortable and log on to an online casino, dump yourself a drink, and start playing.

No Travel Required.

Why waste time and money travelling when all you have to do is switch on your hard disk? By the time you’ve frequently went to and from your city casino, you could have played numerous games at an online casino in the comfort of ones own surroundings.

The Safety Element.

There are a safety issue when visiting the traditional casino, for women and individuals travelling on their own. The average casino can be a bit a little overwhelming for single women so the online casinos provide an obvious solution by making it possible to play from home safely. According to the media a very large percentage of online casino players are now female.

No Smoking Problems

Speaking from my own experiences There is smoking to be a real problem particularly when the casinos become busy. It’s a known fact that most heavy bettors seem to be heavy smokers too, and at times the smoke can become excruciating. Even with air con and the extractor fans in operation the smoke never generally seems to clear properly.

No Throngs

If you’re a afraid quiet person, a busy casino is not for you. On a busy table, there are a lot of noise as well as people pushing and shoving. At times it can be difficult to get near the table to place your craps bets. At home, you can play gently on your own without all the headaches that we’ve stated earlier.

Many more Games Online.

The online casinos also offer many more games to choose from, many to cover in this article. Check it out for yourself, you’ll be amazed at the choice of games that the online casinos have to offer.

Methods of Payment.

The traditional casinos usually only accept cash, but the online casinos offer dozens of ways of paying, mostly by credit card so there’s no need for hard cash.

Play For free.

The online casinos will let you set up a dummy account so that you can practice without making use of a real income. You can practice as long as you want until you’re confident enough to start playing for real.

Free Money.

Yes, free money. In order to get your business most casinos will offer you a free cash deposit. The amounts can be anything from $20 to $50, and in some cases more achieable so shop around for the best deals.

So there you have it, these are the main reasons why I go for online casinos. I think these reasons are good enough to keep me away from the traditional land type casinos but you may don’t agree. If you’re one of those people who would more rapidly decorate, trek down to the city at night in all weathers, get pushed and jammed in a swarmed smokey room, then i wish you good luck.

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